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  • Integrated Water and Coastal Areas Management (IWCAM) -The GEF-IWCAM project is a regional project which has the overall objective of strengthening the commitment and capacity of the participating countries to implement an integrated approach to the management of watersheds and coastal areas. Read More


  • Sustainable Land Management - Country representatives participated in a Regional Training Activity in support of the 4th UNCCD National Reporting Cycle. The workshop demonstrated the new monitoring, measuring, and review system, utilizing performance indicators for the general operational objectives of the strategy and impact indicators for strategic objectives as per national and regional specificities. Read More
  • Waste Management - CEHI conducted a regional training workshop focusing on policy and planning. The workshop was designed for the higher management levels in the Public Health and Solid Waste sectors. The workshop was funded by the Government of Japan, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization, Office for Caribbean Program Coordination (OCPC), Barbados.


  • Laboratory Quality Assurance - CEHI conducted a Regional Training Workshop in Laboratory Quality Assurance and Method Quality Control and carried out an assessment of laboratories in Barbados.


  • Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) -The IWRM is a national project that takes a holistic approach to managing the environment. It is a process of sustainable management of land and water resources used to meet social, economic, and environmental demands. CEHI developed a "roadmap" for an IWRM Plan development for Barbados based on a few fundamental elements that would ensure effectiveness and success. Workshops and conferences were coordinated to initiate conversation between stakeholders and ensure success of IWRM in Barbados. Read More


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