Since its inception, CEHI has provided environmental management training to environmental professionals, public and private sector employees. The Institute conducts national and regional workshops, as well as in-country training for Ministry and state agency facilities. Additionally, one-on-one training is provided through attachments, associate and internship programmes at CEHI headquarters in St. Lucia. CEHI also develops training manuals to support workshop training and post-workshop needs. A small sample of our training activities is provided below.


Occupational Health and Safety/Air Quality

  • 2011: Regional Clean Fleet Management Training to assist managers of public and private vehicle to improve fuel efficiency and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

  • 2009: Occupational Health and Safety Workshop, Dominica


Solid, Liquid and Hazardous Waste Management

  • 2010: Regional Biomedical Waste Management Training Workshop, Guyana

  • 2009: Biomedical Waste Management Training for Health Officers, Suriname

  • 2009: Regional Training on Wastewater Management. Workshops took place in Belize, the Bahamas, Tobago and St. Kitts and Nevis

  • 2002: Regional training workshop on Landfill Monitoring, St. Lucia

Water Resources Management

  • 2010: Integrated Water Resources Management Training, Suriname

  • 2010: Regional Water Quality Training Workshop, St. Lucia

  • 2002: National training course on Sanitary surveys, St. Vincent

Environmental Quality Monitoring

  • 2001: Officers from the Ministry of Health in St. Lucia and St. Kitts Water Department were attached to the laboratory for training in water quality analyses and microbiological techniques


Laboratory Analyses

  • 2002: CEHI staff travelled to Guyana to provide training in pesticide analyses using Gas chromatography for the Food and Drug Department, Ministry of Health.